About NT Asia Construction Services

NT Asia Construction Services is based around (but not limited to) the PLASWALL building system. As a main agent for Luzon this comparatively new system has been tried and tested all over the world. It is fully compliant with the Philippine, US, Australian and UK building codes.

It does not need an expert to see how much small and large scale construction is going on in and around Angeles. With a construction system that is very strong, quick to build and cheaper than its hollow block counterpart, there are developers and investors crying out for the PLASWALL system.

PLASWALL is being chosen by the government of the Philippines to meet the needs of the low rise, low cost housing which needs building swiftly and economically; as well as providing safe shelter from the ravages of nature (typhoon and earthquake).

It is also suitable for high rise building up to 40 storeys. Flexible in design and use and earthquake proof, this has to be the building system of the future

NT Asia Construction Services has a number of contracts for commercial and residential buildings using the PLASWALL system.