About NT Asia Property Development

In the past NT Asia Realty has been involved in a number of developments particularly in Pattaya where it has created whole new villages (sub-divisions). As a real estate broker NT Asia Realty is close to the ground when it comes to availability of suitable sites as well as to the needs of the market. As such it is ideally positioned to spot market opportunity and to locate land.

Couple this knowledge with the PLASWALL building system and it would be negligent not to look for, and take advantage of, the current development boom in Angeles City. The key to successful development is not just opportunity but also a professional approach to the right kind of development, which must include good design, solid marketing and affordable finance.

The role of NT Asia Property Development will be to identify development opportunities and manage each new development using the extensive resources of the NT Asia Group. It is anticipated the funding required for developments will be provided by outside sources normal that would be a mix of bank loans and equity investors.