About NT Asia Realty

NT Asia Realty has been in Angeles City for five years - it is connected (by ownership) to the Pattaya company of the same name which has been in business for 30 years. Thus the NT Asia Realty brand is tried and tested and widely recognised as a one of the few independent realty companies in SE Asia. It has an enviable reputation and presence in Angeles City; where it is the largest and most successful realty company.

Inevitable, given its market position, NT Asia Realty has built up a mass of contacts within both the ex-pat, Korean and the Filipino business communities. At the recent NT Asia Realty Christmas party the mayor not only accepted an invitation but also spoke about the importance of the ex-pat community not just as investors but also in helping him improve Angeles City.

NT Asia Realty get consulted on virtually every new development and as the largest realty company often becomes involved in the eventual marketing of that development.

NT Asia Realty are regularly consulted by business start-ups, factory and warehouse relocations and retail positioning as well general business issues.

Not only do NT Asia Realty bring a strong brand, at the heart of the business community of Angeles City, but also a strong positive cash flow.

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